Correctionville Public Library
Strategic Plan 2018-2023


Our Planning Process

                This current long-range plan for Correctionville Public Library is based on the PLA model Planning for Results.  We were assisted in this effort by Bonnie McKewon, consultant with the State Library of Iowa.

Two focus group meetings, with each session consisting of 35-38 community members (city/rural, male/female, youth/senior, city council and economic development representatives) were held in September and October 2017.  The members voted on the top target areas, including

  • providing resources to help people explore genealogy and local history

  • contributing to and assisting in dissemination of community news and information

  • providing public Internet access 

Members of the focus groups felt the town should move toward these goals given the strong interest in preserving local landmarks and in promoting local Native American archaeological finds near Correctionville.  Correctionville Public Library is vital as a repository and disseminator of information in achieving these goals.


Community Vision Statement

In the Correctionville of the future, students and business people will benefit from improved broadband communications; families will thrive thanks to better job opportunities and affordable housing; senior adults will live in safe, assisted living facilities; and residents of all ages will enjoy local arts, culture, and amenities that foster healthy living.


Library Mission Statement

Correctionville Public Library celebrates the community’s past while embracing its future, providing a place where citizens connect with local resources, access a world of online information, and strive to be creative, lifelong learners. 


Library Service Goals & Objectives


Service Response =  DISCOVER YOUR ROOTS

             Goal 1:  Residents and visitors will have the resources they need to connect
                  the past with the present through their family histories

Objective 1:  Provide residents and visitors access to at least two online genealogical resources by December 2018.

Objective 2:  In January 2019, begin digitizing and indexing the library’s holdings of genealogical and historical photos for residents and visitors to research.

Objective 3:   Collaborate with the local historical society to store local reactors in a temperature and humidity controlled space for residents and visitors to research by 2020.


     Goal 2:  Residents and visitors will have the resources they need to connect the
         past with the present to understand the history and traditions of the community

Objective 1:   By January 2023, obtain digitized copies of the local newspapers, i.e., The Sioux Valley News, The Correctionville News, Argus and The Record, for easier and more efficient research by area residents and visitors.

Objective 2:   Plan and present a program on local history for area residents by Nov. 2018.

Objective 3:   Obtain newspaper articles, studies, archeological papers and other pertinent materials on the Native American archeological finds west of Correctionville for area residents and visitors information and research by July of 2021.

Objective 4:   Support and collaborate with the Correctionville Economic Development Corporation (CEDCORP) in their development of interpretive materials and signage for the Native American finds near Correctionville by July of 2022.






Service Response = KNOW YOUR COMMUNITY

Goal 1:  Residents will have a central source for information about the wide variety of programs, services and activities provided by community agencies and organizations.

Objective 1:   In 2018, begin working on a shared online community calendar with the city clerk’s office for city and area residents.

Objective 2:   By June 2018, the library will serve as a central depository for pamphlets, brochures, and other written informational papers from local organizations and government agencies for city and area residents.


      Goal 2:  City and area residents will have a visible and adequate central source
         for information about a wide variety of programs and activities provided
         by community agencies and organizations.

Objective 1:   Increase the visibility of the Library for local and area residents by increased outdoor signage on the building and along Highway 31 by 2020.

Objective 2:   Plan for future library expansion by exploring for grants and working with CEDCORP and government entities by December 2022.




      Goal 1:  City and area residents will have high-speed access to the digital world
        with no unnecessary restrictions or fees to ensure that everyone can take advantage
        of the ever-growing resources and services available through the internet.

Objective 1:   Increase access to library computers by upgrading five computers and increasing the number of computers/laptops by two for library users by December 2019.

Objective 2:  Arrange and conduct computer classes for library patrons of all ages by December 2019.

Objective 3:  Offer workshops on using social networks, e-books, Skype and emails for senior library patrons by February 2019.




       Goal 2:   Coordinate with the River Valley school faculty to provide
         after-school homework help.

Objective 1:   Add online homework help websites to the library website by August 2018.

Objective 2:   Add a link to the River Valley School’s management software system PowerSchool on the library website so parents / students have access to this school communication system by August 2018.

Objective 3:  Add sufficient bandwidth to the library computers to manage network traffic, as needed.



Plan Evaluation

In December each year, Correctionville Library Board will evaluate progress on achieving the plan’s goals and objectives.  This evaluation will include reviewing areas of success, as well as determining whether (a) unmet goals / objectives are still valid to continue working on into the new year and (b) whether new goals / objectives need to be added.